How to find a good Plumber

01 Apr How to find a good Plumber

How do you find a plumber who will suit your requirements?

Here’s a list of suggestions that might help you choose the right plumber:

Research:  It can be difficult at times to find a plumber who will be able to carry out the work you need done. A useful way to find out who is available is to scan the internet, browse your local newspaper and ask friends and family who they have used for plumbing work. Make a list of the companies that seem to fit your requirements. It is also useful to visit their plumbing businesses.

Referrals of good plumbers are usually made by friends or family members, these tradesmen will have done a good job thereby word of mouth references are generally reliable.

If a name or a company crops up several times in your while talking to people include that name in your list.

Try calling some of the plumbing services mentioned in yellow pages or local directory.

Compare plumbing services: After all the researching and asking for recommendations from friends, call plumbing services and ask for free estimates. Ask how they structure their charges ie: (by the job or by the hour). It might affect your bill at the completion of the work. Plus, it is much easier to plan payment, knowing your budget and what you can afford.

Hire Licensed Plumbers: It is difficult to verify a plumber without knowing if they have a license. A plumbing company will more likely have an address, and a license number. Use different sources to ask for reviews about the company.

Check for plumber’s Insurance: It is a simple yet significant job. An unskilled plumber may get hurt. Check for the plumber’s insurance. This will protect you against liability for any on-site accident.

Talk to the plumber: It helps to talk to the plumber, describe the work you want to be carried out and ask how it might be carried out. By asking the plumber questions you will get a clearer idea of the job, how and when it will be carried out and completed.

It does pay to look for experienced plumbers. Remember to ask to see insurance and license. A $20 million public liability insurance for a plumber is rated as minimum.

Get a written document: A verbal contract can lead to agony and disputes. Play it safe. Ask for written estimates and review the contract before engaging with the terms and conditions.

Ask the plumber to quote on the work which includes materials required to complete the job. Ask for guarantee of the job from the plumber or plumbing service providers.


This guide gives a few useful suggestions to follow when you are looking for a plumber who will carry out a job to your satisfaction.