When do you call the professionals to unblock your drain?

01 Jul When do you call the professionals to unblock your drain?

Got a Blockage?

Blockage problems are something that is experienced by almost everyone within their home at some time or other. Bathrooms and kitchen are most prone to blockage; you may find them getting clogged every few months. This occurs for many reasons, making regular maintenance essential for removing blockages and for smooth running of water.

What Are The Signs Of Drain Problems?

  • Water draining slowly from the sink
  • Difficulties in flushing the toilets
  • Overflow of wastewater from the pipes
  • Drains gurgling after flushing the toilet
  • Unpleasant smell from the drainage system

Causes of blocked drains

The points mentioned above are the signs of drainage problems but have you ever thought about the causes? Things which can actually cause drain blockage problems are:

  • Grease and fat: You might think that by just running hot water in the sink, you can easily pass grease down the drain, but contrary to such belief, the grease can become solid after cooling down and can create a blockage.
  • Foreign objects: Things like paper towels, cigarettes, nappies, soaps, etc. are not like tissue papers; they do not flush easily through the pipes and can get stuck resulting in slow draining of water.
  • Food products: Kitchen sinks usually get blocked due to food particles that enter the drainage system while washing after-meal utensils. Food particles do not break down and start to accumulate in the pipelines, which slows down the flow of water.
  • Hair: Hair doesn’t dissolve and can get deposited in the drainage system, which can create a very bad clog. It’s best to use filters for catching the hair before goes down the drain.

Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning

Professional Drain Cleaning services use modern technologies like CCTV, high-pressure power jets and other tools for detecting blockage problems and cleaning clogged areas. With years of experience in the drainage industry, Professional Drain Cleaning services are equipped to find the root cause and remove it. So, if you need a professional, make sure you call a licensed plumber to solve your blocked drain problems in the first instance.